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Update day: September 3, 2020

Opening hours and closed days, fee for entering kindergarten

 Opening hours and closed days

As opening hours and closed days change from April 1, 2016, please be careful.



Opening hours

Opening hours

The summer

From March 1 to October 31

From 9:30 to 16:30

(as for the last admission 16:00)

The winter season

The end of from November 1 to February

From 9:30 to 16:00

(as for the last admission 15:30)

Closed days

・Every month second fourth Wednesday

 (fourth Wednesday first only in August)

 (in the case of holiday the next day)

・From Monday to Friday of the week including Wednesday second in April

・From Monday to Friday of the week including Wednesday second in November

・From 29 to 31 on December


The last admission becomes until 30 minutes before closing time.
※Sale of admission ticket and annual passport will be finished before 30 minutes of closing time, too.

 ※Guide of services such as locker, wheelchair, stroller, nursing room is this

 2020 (Raiwa 2) closed days calendar 

2020 closed days calendar
We can download calendar (PDF) from this for closed days in 2020. (PDF: 1,640KB) 

 Maruyama Zoo guide map

 The surface (PDF: 2,202KB)

 The back side (PDF: 1,967KB)

 Fee for entering kindergarten

As fees for entering kindergarten revised from April 1, 2020, please be careful.


Fee for entering kindergarten



Annual passport (more than high school student)

2,000 yen

More effective for one year than date of purchase (we changed from April 1, 2019)

Advantageous information of annual passport

800 yen for adults
(high school student has reduction of taxes of fee for entering kindergarten.)

Residence 70 years or older, person having disability certificates are free of charge in Sapporo.

※We refer to the following

High school student (half price reduction of taxes)

400 yen

Reduction of taxes of fee for entering kindergarten is applied to high school student by the presentation of attendance at school proof such as student handbooks. When we cannot confirm, it is adult rate.

※We refer to the following

Dwarf (junior high student or younger)

Free of charge

Junior high student, please bring student handbook.

Group (more than 30 people)

720 yen

Reservation is not necessary.

Come to window directly.




Please pay in cash or SAPICA electronic money.

Of electronic money except credit card and SAPICA electronic money cannot use.


 Person whom fee for entering kindergarten remits

(prior procedure is not particularly necessary) where is entered in individuals

Sapporo residence (the total amount reduction of taxes) 70 years or older

  Please show public identification card to understand of address, age, full name including driver's license and health insurance card or "Maruyama Zoo tto certificate" at zoo entrance.
  As customers of Sapporo residence 70 years or older will reduce taxes one for people one 70 years or older when they need care such as families to use zoo, please bring identification of public proof that it can prove that care including identification of care insurance person insured is necessary. 

   ※Hole space driver's license, copy, identification card which cut of expiration date are impossible.

 ※Senior Citizens’ Discount Card (Keiro Pass) is impossible, too.

 [example of public identification card]

Identification card which public offices such as identification of passport (passport), driver's license, my number card (personal number card), resident registry card (with photograph), identification card with photograph which public office including residence card (with photograph) issued and health insurance person insured, identification of National Health Insurance person insured, identification of seamen's insurance person insured, mutual aid union card, identification of elderly aged 75 or over medical care insurer, identification of care insurance person insured, national pension notebook issued.

Application methods of garden original certificate "Maruyama Zoo tto certificate" for elderly person reduction of taxes are this

Person (the total amount reduction of taxes) who has certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook, mental patient health welfare notebook, war disabled notebook

 Please show notebook at zoo entrance. (in the case of/severeness, care becomes free to two people to one person, too.)

Obstacle welfare service business prescribed in person with a disability synthesis support law the use (the total amount reduction of taxes)

  Please show identification of obstacle welfare service recipient at zoo entrance.

Student registered at High School prescribed in School Education Act (half price reduction of taxes)

  When you purchase admission ticket in kembaimadokuchi, please show documents which can prove student handbook and that we are at school.


(prior procedure is necessary) where is entered in group

 When it is visited in group for reduction of taxes such as school or social welfare facility, fee for entering kindergarten becomes reduction of taxes by prior application to submit group admission application to by one week.
 ※About representative name in case of application, as for Elementary School, the Junior High School, Kindergarten, Day Care Center for Children, please do Director name with representative in Principal.

 For details, we guide in page of group admission application.

Indication about the animal handling business 

Full name

Maruyama, Sapporo-shi Zoo Director Osamu Kato

Name of office

Maruyama, Sapporo-shi Zoo

The location of office

3-1, Miyagaoka, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi

Classification (registration number) of the animal handling business

Display (satsukendo se registration No. 437), sale (satsuhodo se registration No. 1081),

Storage (satsuhodo se registration No. 1082), rental (satsuhodo se registration No. 1083),

Training (satsuhodo se registration No. 1084)

The registration date May 21, 2007 (display), May 21, 2012 (sale, storage, rental, training)
The last day of expiration date May 20, 2022 (display, sale, storage, rental, training)
Manager for animal handling name Hideaki Yamamoto



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