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Update day: January 31, 2020

Sapporo municipal administration summary

We sell booklet of "Sapporo municipal administration summary 2019 version" for 350 yen at municipal administration publication corner of City of Sapporo northeast side on the second floor.

About methods for purchase, please see page of municipal administration publication corner.



Cover (PDF: 319KB)
Sapporo (PDF: 1,452KB) to see in photograph

The present (PDF: 4,782KB) of Sapporo to see by graph

Ayumi and the future image of Part 1 Sapporo

One chapter

History, nature (PDF: 4,363KB)

Two chapters

Plan (PDF: 2,176KB) of new Sapporo

Three chapters

Rule (PDF: 384KB) to become basics of town development

Four chapters Local construction (PDF: 634KB)

The general condition of Part 2 municipal administration

One chapter

Assisting and the making of connection (PDF: 2,429KB) in area

Two chapters

Development (PDF: 2,920KB) of economy to support living and the employment

Three chapters

Child, young man carrying the future is healthy; bring up (PDF: 1,807KB)

Four chapters

Town development (PDF: 5,430KB) that "is kind to people" to be able to live in peace

Five chapters

Sustainable town development (PDF: 2,621KB) to connect with the next generation
Six chapters Of originality by culture art, sports bring up (PDF: 2,555KB)
Seven chapters Town development (PDF: 5,652KB) of the collection type to raise charm and vitality continuously

Structure and management of Part 3 municipal administration

One chapter

Structure (PDF: 1,388KB) of municipal administration

Two chapters

Management (PDF: 1,179KB) of municipal administration

Approach of town development of each ward


Approach (PDF: 2,385KB) of town development of each ward

  Sapporo abbreviation chronological table (PDF: 1,464KB)

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