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Update day: September 30, 2020

Sapporo smile talk

With Sapporo smile talk

With "Sapporo smile talk", we perform direct talks about theme about municipal administration at opening-like place where citizen and the mayor with relation can observe anyone on theme freely, and carry out from 2015. Future municipal administration takes opinion from dialogist into account and is intended to have observed all of you interest in municipal administration.

 Scenery of last year Poster Talks scenery

Holding of 2020

The first keyo sequel to, new Hokkaido-style saa! Sapporo smile


Date Sunday, July 26, 2020 from 10:00 to 11:00

Delivery live on our homepage

※For new coronavirus infection prophylaxis, we carried out in delivery format on the Internet.

Theme keyo sequel to, new Hokkaido-style saa! Sapporo smile
Main topic
  • How did our consciousness change by the fashion of COVID-19?

   Thing ... which ... COVID-19 brought in life of Sapporo citizen


  • Coexistence "new Hokkaido-style" with COVID-19

   ... lifestyle, change ... of business-style


  • To enjoy living of Sapporo wealthily while going out with COVID-19 well? 


  • Takahiko Onodera (esuporada Hokkaido general manager)
  • Shinya Tachibana (manager of Jozankei tourist association)
  • Yoko Tsukamoto (Hokkaidoiryodaigaku nursing welfare department's professor)
  • Mariko Mitani (free-lance announcer) ※The part of progress

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Talks record


Attention (immunity from responsibility) matter

  • Corporate advertising which delivery screen shows has nothing to do with Sapporo entirely. In addition, Sapporo does not take responsibility about the damage for any reason by advertisement either.
  • When some kind of damage occurs by we cannot watch broadcast normally or watching, Sapporo does not take responsibility at all.
  • By PC environment on the situation and audience side of the Internet line, picture and sound break off or stop and may not watch normally.
  • As large amount of rate may be demanded from the seeing and hearing with smartphones by carrier, please be careful in particular.


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