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Update day: August 7, 2020

Public information Sapporo

About cancellation such as events that we published in public information Sapporo
When it is applied and arrives toward the unspecified number of the general public about event, event that Sapporo hosts to prevent infection spread of COVID-19, we are doing with principle cancellation or postponement for the time being.

In this way, we hope that we have you confirm with following Excel files and PDF files as there is thing which cancellation decides about event, event that we published in public information Sapporo.
About cancellation such as events that published in public information Sapporo (at July 2, 2020 19:00) (Excel: 28KB)
About cancellation such as events that published in public information Sapporo (at July 2, 2020 19:00) (PDF: 258KB)

In addition, about state of implementation of sponsorship, the cosponsorship event of other cities, look at the following links.
The held situation of event such as the cosponsorship hosted by Sapporo

Public information Sapporo is renewed by May, 2018 issue!Public information Sapporo kyarakutagyu ta

(as for the pages from page 44 on page 32)

Point 1 special feature, plan article is fulfilling

We extend special feature, pagination of plan article conveying approach and problem of city. In addition to past plan, we begin new plan that request from citizen's everybody featured the theme of the fields where it was a lot.


It is easy to further see with all point 2 page collars, and cover renovates design

Because all pages become color, it is easy to see more, and it is in the plain space and renovates cover in design using photograph and illustration reminding of contents of special feature.


We do not place point 3I vent information in page of news

Page of news decreases, but places information such as tax, insurance, pension sequentially. Information that was not placed in the space is * itadadakemasu by data broadcasting and smartphone application of TV.

As for data broadcasting and the usage of application, please see "dispatch of municipal administration information by terrestrial digital application".


<as for the person who there are not TV and smartphone, and cannot confirm event information>

From "here check Sapporo as for the event information please utilize news"

August, 2020 issue event booklet coverWe make ten wards version like public information Sapporo. After 9th (business day (open agency day) in the case of Saturday and Sunday, celebration, holiday just before that), you can take to go every month from the following place.


Window (227 places except postal agency) of the city Post Office, Ward Office public hearing division, Liaison Center, Ward Community Center, Local Center ※We distribute ward version of ward where each facility is located

The eleventh floor of the city hall Public Relations Section

→You can confirm even PDF. From "here check Sapporo as for the event information please see news".

 Public information Sapporo of this month

You can look at news of special feature, this month, news from Sapporo.

Public information Sapporo August issue cover

Page of inhabitant of a ward

You can look at page of ten wards of inhabitants of a ward.

List of homepages of publication article

We put address of homepage related to article publishing in public relations magazine.

Event information is news from check Sapporo here

You can look at distribution place and PDF of booklet which settled news information that was not placed in the space by renewal of public information Sapporo from May, 2018 issue.

Public information quiz

We present public information Sapporo original QUO card (for 500 yen) toward 20 people a month from every person who answered correctly.

Reader present

We present curling Japanese towel to ten people by lot.

Terrestrial digital-limited present application form

When we confirm keyword displayed by screen of "terrestrial digital-limited present" of data broadcasting and propose, present hits by lot. For more details, please confirm data broadcasting. We can apply for keyword from this application form after the confirmation.



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When you see file of Portable Document Format, Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary. Please download that does not have Adobe Acrobat Reader free from link of banner.

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