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Update day: March 19, 2019

About sealing of official seal

We will limit document pushing official seal about official document sent out by city for simplification of official seal sealing desk work as follows from 1st belonging to in 4 in 2019.

Document which seals in official seal

・Document having effects such as outbreak of right or duty

Document, contract, reminders of administrative action such as permission, the authorization

・Document with need to prove specific fact by official seal

Documents which express certificate, social position, qualification

・Document which sealing is obliged to carry out by laws and ordinances

Documents which signature sealing is demanded from by laws and ordinances or format, rule of destination

・Document that it is admitted that other sealing in particular is necessary

Documents which admitted that investigation, advice, testimonial based on laws and ordinances, other sealing in particular were necessary

Document which does not seal in official seal

As you do not seal the following official document in principle, official seal, please note.

・Inquiry document and answer document about desk work and business, questionary survey, other request documents

・Briefing session, held notices such as workshops, notice document which is simplicity, precedent-like report document

・Notice, greeting card

・Letters of sending such as publication, brochure, material

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