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Update day: April 11, 2019

About notation such as dates in official document accompanied with change of an era

Cabinet ordinance changing the name of an era is promulgated on April 1, and the name of an era turns from "Heisei" to "Reiwa" as it is enforced on May 1. As there was notice from country about the handling of date written on the cover about this, about notation on date in official document which Sapporo sends out on after April 4, we handle as follows.


Principle, the name of an era use "Heisei" even if they display date after May 1 in the official document sending out by 1 April 30.

As it is not 2 things that official document using "Heisei" changes legal effect by 1 mentioned above, we handle as effective thing after the change of an era.

In the official document to make after 3 change of an era, we use "Reiwa".

After 4 change of an era, there is thing that indication becomes "Heisei" with style or printed matter such as applications in date after May 1 or the year, but would appreciate your reading in the new name of an era as the indication concerned is effective, and legal effect is not changing thing.

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