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Update day: June 26, 2020

Citizens Disaster Prevention Center




About prevention of infection spread of resumption and COVID-19 of Sapporo Citizens Disaster Prevention Center

Sapporo Citizens Disaster Prevention Center assumed temporary closing to prevent infection spread of COVID-19, but will reopen from Monday, June 1, 2020.

We carry out infection prophylaxis to ensure the security of visitor on reopening, and to plan prevention of infection spread of COVID-19.


In the visitors, I would like understanding and cooperation as follows.

1.Limit of admission

Person fulfilling any of the following, please refrain from admission.

  • When we have fever (I would like thermometry before visit as much as possible.)
  • When there is poor physical condition (symptoms such as a cough, throat, lassitude)
  • When there is close contact with person said to that it is COVID-19-positive
  • Case with a history of visit to country, area that infection expands sequentially within the past two weeks

2.Limit of the use

It limits the following use to prevent "sealing, crowd, closeness".

  • About some facilities of "smoke evacuation experience corner" and "storm experience corner", we should stop for the time being.
  • About other experience-based facilities including "disaster virtual experience corner" (3D theater), we reduce capacity and arrange limit of number of people.
  • By the situation including rush hours, it limits admission and may limit the use.

3.Precautions matter

  • Let's wear mask.
  • We will leave 2m or more intervals between people with people.
  • Let's keep a cough etiquette and hand-washing, sterilization of finger in mind. (we install antiseptic solution in each place.)
  • In showpiece, it will prevent you from touching unless we are necessary for experience.

Please use "notice of Hokkaido corona system"

The use image of notice of Hokkaido corona system

When we were infected with COVID-19 and were confirmed among people who have visited, "Hokkaido corona notice system" which E-mail of alerting is sent to can use for various places that we visited on the same day.

Notice of Hokkaido corona system QR codeQR code necessary for the use registration of this system posts on entrances of center. If there are any smartphone or cell-phones with function to read camera function and QR code, we can easily register. In the case of visit, please use.

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