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Update day: July 6, 2020

Emergency contact information

Fire, first aid, help dials 119

  • Firefighting dispatch information
    We will always provide the situation of dispatch information such as "fire" "help" "gas leak caution" "caution" "flood control" and the scene, the number of fire, first aid dispatch, the number of emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance receptionists as the latest information.

About emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance

About notice matter about emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance at the time of blackout

As landline (telephone, IP ※ telephone with smart phone, FAX function) using power supply may not be usable at the time of blackout, please do emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance from cell-phone, smartphone and the nearest Telephone.

When you cannot report by running out of battery without being able to be charged from case that does not have cell-phone, smartphone and long-time blackout, please refer to the next example when there is not Telephone near.

  • We ask for report toward and the neighborhood of neighborhood.
  • We rush to nearest Fire Station (manned) and firefighting Branch Office (when it is unmanned, there is).
  • When firefighting Branch Office is unmanned, we use red telephone for exclusive use of emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance setting up near government building doorway.

In addition, please refrain from inquiry about blackout to the 119th.

As for the information about blackout, please see announcement of blackout information of Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. homepage.

※Sound telephone service using IP (InternetProtocol) technique

November 9 is the 119th day

  • From simultaneous nationwide de 1987, we set November 9 with the 119th day every year. In Fire Bureau, we plan uplift of more fire prevention, disaster prevention awareness by citizen's all of you and, for the purpose of promoting use of appropriateness of emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance, perform various enlightenment events. Let's learn right emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance because we are not upset in the case of emergency.
  • We participate in fire-practice to be carried out in Neighborhood Association and office and train emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance, and let's wear the way of report.

Other emergency contact information

Ward Office

Phone number of each Ward Office
Chuo Ward Office 011-231-2400 Kita Ward Office 011-757-2400
Higashi Ward Office 011-741-2400 Shiroishi Ward Office 011-861-2400
Atsubetsu Ward Office 011-895-2400 Toyohira Ward Office 011-822-2400
Kiyota Ward Office 011-889-2400 Minami Ward Office 011-582-2400
Nishi Ward Office 011-641-2400 Teine Ward Office 011-681-2400

Fire Station

Phone number of each Fire Station
Chuo Fire Station 011-215-2130 Kita Fire Station 011-737-2100
Higashi Fire Station 011-781-2100 Shiroishi Fire Station 011-861-2100
Atsubetsu Fire Station 011-892-2100 Toyohira Fire Station 011-852-2100
Kiyota Fire Station 011-883-2100 Minami Fire Station 011-581-2100
Nishi Fire Station 011-667-2100 Teine Fire Station 011-681-2100

Various guidance

Guidance of the scene of fire

Telephone: 011-201-0011 (automatic guidance)

Guidance of turn Hospital of injury

Telephone: 011-201-0099 (automatic guidance)

Medical institution guidance, emergency care consultation

Emergency Medical Consultation Center Sapporo (Phone: #7119 or 011-272-7119)

24 hours Hospital guidance

Hokkaido emergency care information guidance center (Phone: 0120-20-8699 or 011-221-8699)
(it does not lead to toll free number from cell-phone, smartphone, PHS.)

Medical institution

Medical institution
Name Medical treatment division Phone number The location

Sapporo Medical Association Night-Time Emergency Medical Center

  • Internal medicine, Department of Pediatrics
    (from 19:00 next morning 7:00)
  • Otolaryngology
    (23:00 from 19:00)
(only by night)
19, Odorinishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi

Sapporo Dental Association Oral Medical Center

Dentistry (23:00 from 19:00) 011-511-7774 10, Minami-7-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi

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