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Municipal administration information

Other than access to summary and city hall of Sapporo, organization information, we publish basic plans.

We place information such as public information public hearing business or city promotion.

Commencing with information about city hall reform, we publish policy or plan that Sapporo works on.

We publish the regulations, rules, notification, statistics information, vital statistics.

We place information about budget, financial statements and municipal bond, IR, the receipt and disbursement.

We publish system of public offering of information and system for privacy protection, guidance of municipal administration publication corner.

We publish summary and result of inspection, guide of request for inhabitants inspection.

We place thing and the staff employment information about personnel affairs and salary of the staff.

We place guidance of meeting schedule and introduction of City Councilor/City Assembly Member, information about municipal assembly including the deliberation result.

Other than polling place and early vote, guidance of absentee vote, we publish election results.

We place city planning and redevelopment, information about land adjustment.

We publish prevention of approach and spouse violence, victim support of gender equality.

We publish method, activities of summary and complaint statement of ombudsman system.


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