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Update day: April 14, 2020

Family register, resident's card, proof

Request for cooperation to the infection prevention

For COVID-19 (COVID-19) extended prevention, we place information to avoid procedure and congestion that there is without doing the next agency.

Cooperation, please to use means such as mail about procedure that there is because as unspecified number of the general public gathers, there might be infection spread of new coronavirus without doing the next agency.

[to all of you made the next agency in Ward Office]

As window is easy to be crowded in the following time, please examine the next agency that you avoid time when congestion is anticipated when it is done the next agency out of necessity as far as you are possible.


Day when congestion is expected or time

  • On Monday
  • The night (Odori Certificate Issuance Service Center) on weekdays
  • Saturday and Sunday (Odori Certificate Issuance Service Center)


In addition, please use as you can confirm the congestion situation about some wards and Odori Certificate Issuance Service Center beforehand from homepage.

When we have thorough hand-washing and cough etiquette, symptom such as a cold sequentially, we have the next agency wait as possible, and thank you for your cooperation for prevention of infection spread.