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Update day: June 20, 2016

Election FAQ

 Common question (election FAQ) about election

[the right to vote][vote][the candidacy][election person][election campaign and political activity][contribution]

[common question (election FAQ) - answer about election][glossary]

[the right to vote]

Is there the right to vote in anyone if we become 18 years old?

Can anyone vote if there are any the right to vote?

Time when it is enrolled in electoral list?

Requirements to be enrolled in electoral list?

May registration of electoral list be crossed?

When, at time when polling place guidance postcard did not arrive, we lost?

We moved, but is report necessary for board of elections?


Is it different in vote method by election?

Poll hour of the election day day?

Polling place to be written on polling place guidance postcard is another polling place, and can you not vote?

Can family enter polling place together, too?

Family is accompanied in polling place, and may we write to ballot?

May we vote as a substitute for in one of (we cannot go) that family does not go for vote?

Though kind is inconvenient and cannot write character, can you vote?

Election system for physically disabled person?

Election system of person who is bedridden in house?

Is there special vote method of person having difficulty in declaration of intention?

When you moved, where do you vote?

When we cannot go to polling place on election day?

Is early vote possible even on Sunday?

From what time to what time is time for early vote?

We want to go for early vote, but what should we take?

Where is early vote possible?

You are admitted to Hospital, but can you vote?

Can you not demand absentee vote by fax?

What should I do to be in other municipalities on business trips, but to vote?

Acquisition method of absentee vote written oath (bill)?

Can you vote even if in foreign country?

What should I do so that it is enrolled in overseas electoral list?

Can you vote on the Internet?

Is there polling place (polling place where anyone can vote if it is qualified voter in the same municipality) common in Sapporo?

[the candidacy]

What kind of type does election include?

How old can you run from?

How much necessary is money on deposit to run?

[election person]

What are the Lower House election, d'Hondt system in proportional representation of the Upper House election?

[election campaign and political activity]

How long is election campaign possible?

Difference between election campaign and political activity?

Using the Internet can campaign?

Candidate being able to do it as election campaign?

Election campaign that you must not do?

What is guilt-by-association system?

When it is campaign season, the name of candidate is called repeatedly from car for election campaign day after day by speaker and is unbearably very noisy. Can you not do anything?

We vote on the telephone, and may we ask?

What are candidate of public office, person who is going to become candidate of public office, definition of person in public office?


We want to donate to politician

What is prohibited contribution?