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Update day: March 30, 2020


We perform support for things corresponding to one of each next issue in Sapporo.

(1) After starting management by independence, self-management newly; person within five years

(2) Agriculture corporation where person within five years occupies the majority of officer after engaging

(3) (1) Group with fate of terms about organization that to be scholar of agriculture to include person of ,(2) more than two people, and to be group to organize, and there is fate of representative and beats and administration

(4) being placed as people, farmland plan or placed expectation being certain

Offer period, the number of people: It is within the budget

We issue subsidy to the acquisition for the acquisition such as production, processing, distribution of agricultural and livestock products, machine about sale or facility, material (less than operating cost 500,000 yen, supporting rate less than a half)

 For more details, please refer to the following department in charge.

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