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Living, procedure

We show proof such as resident's card or copy of a person's family register, procedure for address transfer, various reports.

It is the handling of garbage found at office on home garbage separation and collection day, guidance of recycling.

We publish plan and construction of greenery, promotion of tree planting, approach of environmental conservation.

It is city tax, national pension, National Health Insurance, guide of medical system for elder senior citizens.

We publish information for comfortable winter living, the situation of guidance, snow removing and snow sedimentation ground of financing facility.

We place employment support information, information such as information to live, development, permission of residential land, sale of municipal ownership place.

It is town development, social movement, promotion of citizen's autonomy, Neighborhood Association, residents' association, guide of coming-of-age ceremony.

Of pet keep, and publish and search for owner of dog, cat, brown bear crow measures.

Other than report, procedure, information of rate about water supply, sewer, we publish introduction of information and business for companies.

Other than guidance of Subway, Streetcar or event information, guidance of bicycle parking lot, we publish traffic plan, measure.

We place information of guidance of consultation counter of consumers trouble and lecture, event.


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