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Update day: October 18, 2016

Usage of RSS

On homepage of Sapporo, we deliver the latest information by RSS.

With RSS

It is used for the purpose of telling about article that we updated with news site or blog performing update in technique to deliver entry and summary of article of website frequently.

With RSS leader

We check RSS file and are tool to display latest information.

Leader various types of RSS including software displaying update information of site that we appointed is free and is distributed to software and desktops generating Web page that takes in RSS information of site that we appointed, and settled the update situation.

Registration method of RSS

As URL of RSS is displayed when we click RSS button in the right side of button looking at list of latest information columns published in Motoichi top pages, you register with leader RSS of errand, and please use.

In addition, we publish URL of RSS that Sapporo delivers below.

Figure of image

Explanation screen for RSS registration button position confirmation

RSS that Sapporo delivers

When information is delivered, we update update of RSS file at any time.
These RSS information can acquire update information quickly by using RSS leader.

Latest information

We will tell about information in the daily latest information, emergency.

We raise

We will tell about various offer information.

News release

We inform that news release is updated.

Each ward, Maruyama Zoo, Library

We will tell about each Ward Office, Maruyama Zoo, update information of Library.

Origin of delivery URL of RSS


New update information:



Latest information:



New update information:


Attention information:

New update information:

Atsubetsu-ku Latest information:

Latest information:


Kiyota-ku Latest information:
Minami-ku New update information:


Latest information:



Update information:

Maruyama Zoo Latest information:

News from Library:

Announcement of event, display:

Latest information of each station

Origin of delivery


Accounting Office

Emergency Management Office

General Affairs Bureau

City Development Policy Planning Bureau

Finance Bureau

Community & Cultural Promotion Bureau

Sports Affairs Bureau

Health & Welfare Bureau

Bureau for the Future of Children

Economic & Tourism Affairs Bureau

Environmental Bureau

Construction Bureau

Sewerage & Rivers Bureau

Urban Renewal & Development Bureau

Transportation Bureau

Waterworks Bureau

Hospital Bureau

Fire Bureau

Board of Education

Board of elections

National Personnel Commission

Audit Secretariat

City Assembly Secretariat

Precautions of RSS

  • This service does not promise continuation into the future.
  • We stop service and may change URL by convenience on system.
  • In the use, we would like in the range of personal responsibility.
  • For system maintenance, we may suspend service without notice.
  • Please note that it is not accepted inquiry about how to use software including question about usage of RSS and RSS leader.
  • About contents delivered to past, you may not see by change of contents and address.
  • You change without notice about contents which are released, and please note that you may stop.

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