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Update day: March 10, 2011

We renewed Sapporo official homepage

Sapporo official homepage renewed homepage entirely toward "homepage that it was easy to use to anyone clearly" on March 10, 2011 (Heisei 23).

Case that some pages are not found in by deletion, mataha movement with this, in the case of search in page, page you want may be hard to be found for a while. We apologize for causing users trouble.

Change of homepage address

We changed address of city top page. New address,

We do in this. Please change person made favorite bookmark.

Main change

It renovates design

It renovated design to unify different designs every page, and to enhance PR effect, and to become easy to look for information visually.

In addition, we installed area that publicized event of city or important measure with image in the top page center newly. We are replaced and, here, display three pieces of images every several seconds.

We classify information to want to know clearly and arrange

We classified information of the whole page according to contents such as "living, procedure" "sightseeing, industry, business" and installed menu in top of the page.

In addition, we installed "leaving work early index" to search information that showed frequent use including information to situation of user including the "pregnancy" "moving" and "garbage" "consultation counter".

We add browsing feature that rose in viewpoint of user

We added function to support reading of user including function to easily change background color and letter-colored combination for letter with function that extended size, and could reduce and sense of color obstacle.

Inquiry about this page

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