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Update day: December 4, 2019

How to look for information

Enormous information is placed in Sapporo official homepage.

In this page, we introduce method to arrive at desired information from the enormous information.

How to look for information greatly separates, and there are two. When we look for from category when we use search feature.

Please take advantage of Sapporo City Call Center (011-222-4894) 7 days a week from 8:00 to 21:00 by any chance when information is not found.

 When we use search feature

You input keyword that you want to check into search window installing in official homepage, and please push search button. In official homepage, page considered to be you are looking for is searched.

Image which inputs keyword into search window, and pushes search button

Lower arrow (as for the search results)

Search results screen image in site

Search results are displayed by turn in accordance with search condition. Keyword that we searched is displayed in bold-face.

On the right side of search results page, search results of "common question retrieval service" are displayed to five cases.

※When there is not item corresponding by common question retrieval service, column of search results is not displayed.

※In the case of smartphone, result of "common question retrieval service" is displayed by the page lower part.


As there is point to search well, we are how old below or introduce.

We divide plural keywords in blank (space)

You divide keyword in conjunction with matter that you want to check as short as possible, and please input plural number. We search page where those keywords are included in. It is important on this occasion to divide keyword in blank (space).

Good example


"Garbage" and page including "classification" are searched when we input in this way. Let's put one space between keywords.

Bad example


When we connect plural keywords and search, page you are looking for becomes hard to be found.



It becomes hard to be found even if we just input sentence.

We search page including one of the plural keywords

We can search page including one of the keywords when we input OR of capital letter between two keywords.

Good example


Page including "zoo" or "ZOO" is searched when we input in this way. Please let blank (space) enter in front and behind OR.

Bad example


"Zoo" and "ZOO" search page where both are included in when we search without putting OR in this way.

We search page that does not include specific word

Page that does not include the word is searched when we put negative sign before word.
When we limit to one of the phrases (e.g., "window" of Ward Office and other "window") with plural meanings and want to search, it is convenient.

Good example


Page that includes "window" when we input in this way and does not include "Ward Office" is searched.

Bad example


Please let blank (space) enter before negative sign by all means.

※In addition, please see page of search tips in detail as there are various search methods.

When we use search feature such as Google, Yahoo!

When you want to check information of Sapporo directly from search pages such as Google, Yahoo!, you put keyword "Sapporo" in the search word, and please search by plural words.

As information irrelevant to Sapporo is searched when we do not put keyword called "Sapporo", please be careful.

Input example of search screen of google

※Google and Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc. and they get permission of the company and use.


 When we look for from category

We can look for desired information from category classification without using search feature.

In Sapporo official homepage, we prepare for the following categories.

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