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Update day: March 31, 2020

Basic policy, guidelines on homepage

By the rapid development of information processing technology and information and communication technology, our society is progressing rapidly towards "net society" (high information and communication networked society). The use of homepage and E-mail is becoming essential for civic life as a result that communication means through the medium of the Internet in particular spread.

For such a turn of eventss, Motoichi established "City of Sapporo official homepage" in 1997 and planned expansion of reporting means and communication means.

On the other hand, in the homepage of Motoichi, notation methods of design and article are not unified by each section because it becomes aggregate of setting, run page individually and increased the rapidly numbers. Therefore, it is necessarily easy to use for user, and it is the current situation that does not give off with plain homepage.

In addition, various people use the Internet across age or sex, having obstacle or not or country, and environment and condition using the Internet vary. The making of homepage based on way of thinking of so-called "universal design" that "all people" are easy to know in consideration for these "various people" and "various environment" is expected.

We set basic policy and guidelines about Sapporo official homepage that Motoichi set up based on such situation and raised unity, consistency of each page in official homepage to run, and to improve user satisfaction.

We will adapt to guidelines sequentially from page to produce newly and page to repair on a large scale in future.

Basic way of thinking of Sapporo official homepage

  • As public information, public hearing, communication medium, it inflects more positively.
  • We aim at homepage where "it is easy to use for anyone" that having environment and obstacle or not of user does not matter to.
  • We unify design and operability, notation methods of article.
  • We update information quickly.
  • We place information that user wants to know.
  • We secure necessary security and keep personal information.
  • We reduce labor with expense that it costs for making and operational management.
  • We plan improvement consistently.

Basic policy about Sapporo official homepage

Sapporo official homepage guidelines summary

Sapporo official homepage Web accessibility policy

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