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Update day: May 13, 2020

Please be careful about false sites of Sapporo official homepage

False homepage that pretended to be Sapporo official homepage is found now. As you might be damaged when you access, please be careful.

URL of Sapporo official homepage is When you use homepage, please confirm address column of browser by all means.

In addition, please let know than "opinion, suggestion about Sapporo official homepage" when we discover site talking about Sapporo official homepage.

Summary of false site

Appearance of Sapporo official homepage is just copied and is used.

Purpose of false site is Unknown, but please never have access such as personal information being pulled out illegally as you might be damaged.

  • URL https://stumeankabe[.]tk

※ Real address "of (dot) of both sides [there is not]. Do not access by mistake [you put].

※ We copy appearance of Sapporo official homepage as follows and are made, but URL is different from official homepage (

Image of false site


We appeal to citizen's all of you for attention and, for manager of domain of false site, file infringement of copyright and demand the closure of site.


Inquiry about this page

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