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Update day: February 14, 2018

List of Sapporo formula application

"It includes" Sapporo disaster prevention application

"Include" Sapporo disaster prevention application; no icon image

Summary We gather disaster prevention information from Sapporo and can confirm urgent information and evacuation site information.
Detailed publication page About "Sapporo disaster prevention application" (it includes nickname)

Emergency Management Office Emergency Management Department Emergency Management Section 

Telephone 011-211-3062

i Sapporo

i Sapporo icon image

Summary We deliver announcement of events information publishing in "public information Sapporo" by application of smartphone to be seen easily anywhere anytime.
Detailed publication page Dispatch of municipal administration information by terrestrial digital application

General Affairs Bureau Public Relations Department Public Relations Section telephone 011-211-2036

Get Sapporo, and come; bus navi

Get Sapporo, and come; bus navi icon image

Summary "We get Sapporo and come, and Sapporo delivers transit course or the service time of public transport of Sapporo area to bus navi" with the cooperation of each traffic company.
Detailed publication page Get Sapporo, and come; bus navi

City Development Policy Planning Bureau Comprehensive Traffic Measures Planning Department Urban Transportation Management Section

Telephone 011-211-2492

Sapporo child care application

Sapporo child care Apulia icon image

Summary "Sapporo child care application" is more convenient, and it can perform management, management of child care information including child care diary function in addition to Sapporo seeing information of information site for show easily in notice of push function, vaccination schedule.
Detailed publication page Guidance of Sapporo child care application

Bureau for the Future of Children Child Care Support Department child care support promotion department in charge

Telephone 011-211-2997

Sapporo garbage classification application

Sapporo garbage classification Apulia icon image

Summary "Sapporo garbage classification application" can identify information such as separation, how to put out garbage by simple operation from smartphone, tablet terminal.
※As well as Japanese, it supports English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), Korean.
Detailed publication page Sapporo garbage classification application

Environmental Bureau Environmental Planning & Waste Management Department Management Section telephone 011-211-2916

Next that how is circle

Next icon image that how is circle


We deliver map information and animal information of Maruyama Zoo.
A lot of information that does not appear in homepage including characteristic of individual.
Original video making function only for oneself is equipped, too.

Detailed publication page Next that how is circle

Maruyama, Sapporo-shi Zoo telephone 011-621-1426

Sapporo info

Sapporo info Apulia icon image

Summary Application for smartphone tablet terminals sending charm such as traffic information and sightseeing information of Sapporo, event, meal, art, culture, sports by 6 languages (day, U.K. Korea, kan, han, Thailand)
Detailed publication page Sapporo info (page of Hokkaido Broadcasting)

Sapporo Economic & Tourism Affairs Bureau Tourism & MICE Promotion Department Tourism & MICE Promotion Section
Telephone 011-211-2376

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Sapporo General Affairs Bureau Public Relations Department Public Relations Section

〒060-8611 2, Kita-1-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi City of Sapporo main government building the eleventh floor

Phone number: 011-211-2036

Fax number: 011-218-5161