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Update day: June 22, 2020

Citizen interchange open space

  〒004-8613 1, Hiraoka-1-jo, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi (the Kiyota-ku synthesis government building front)
 Various uses including event (event) and festival of area and various groups can use open space (Kiyota-ku citizen interchange open space) in front of the familiar Ward Office in "Kiyota inhabitant of a ward Festival" and "kiyota Marchais & kiyo festival". Power supply facilities, plumbing equipment are maintained, too. When the use is examined, please feel free to contact the following reference.

[to sponsor about infectious disease extended prevention ask]
 In addition, depending on holding contents of event, we may ask sponsor for approach of prevention of infection. For more details, please ask the following reference.

  Citizen interchange open space (whole view) Citizen interchange open space (stage)  Citizen interchange open space (bagora)


●Total area
2,778.32 square meter

29.0m *38.5m
Steel frame concrete building, 17.2m in width X 5.9m in depth X 4.3m in height
Awning part: 3.7m in width X extension 24.1m, 2.7m in height
With clock tower
In open space and fountain neighborhood
[disaster prevention facilities]
Storage warehouse (stage basement, floor space 81.7 square meters) for disaster prevention
Urgent water tank (open space basement, pondage 100t) for drink
[electricity, water supply]
Power supply (total 100V 230A) is in open space. There are waterworks, drainage near pergola.
※ When you use power supply more than capacity, please prepare generator in the user.
※ On use of plumbing equipment, please consult about usage beforehand.
Person that citizen interchange open space is used can use the best second Parking (140 in total) in Kiyota-ku synthesis government building. As number is limited, please cooperate with visit with public transport. 

●The use time
From 8:00 to 21:30
When use except this time is hoped for, please consult with dead work of event.

●Use rate
1st (8,100 yen), half day (4,100 yen). We sort at 12:30 in half day.
(we may be remitted by regulations.)

●Application method
We accept from 1st six months before scheduled use date. Reception hours is from 8:45 to 17:15 of from Monday to Friday. Apply by predetermined application.
About application method, ask the following department in charge.

●Please cooperate
Act that makes act, the noise that might produce fire and explosion, and is a nuisance to other people is prohibited. In addition, it is open space of all the citizens. After use, please perform settlements of garbage well.

●In this case we cannot use
・ When it is admitted that we might hurt public order and morals
・ When we might produce fire, explosion or other danger
・ When we give the noise and are a nuisance to another person
・ In addition, when we admit that we have difficulty in management administration of open space.
(please refer in detail.)


 [department in charge]
Kiyota Ward Office Citizen Affairs Department General Affairs & Planning Section
Phone number: 011-889-2006

[past use example]
2019 JA Sapporo JA Festival (sponsorship: in Sapporo agricultural cooperative Kiyota branch, 2019)
 JA Festival 

 Kiyota contact inhabitant of a ward Festival (sponsorship: in Kiyota ward inhabitant festival executive committee, 2019)
 Contact inhabitant of a ward Festival

 kiyota Marchais, kiyo festival (sponsorship: in Kiyota Ward Office, 2019)
 kiyo festival

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Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi Citizen Affairs Department General Affairs & Planning Section

〒004-8613 1-2-1, Hiraoka-1-jo, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi

Phone number: 011-889-2006