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Update day: June 10, 2020

About (COVID-19)

It is top page about COVID-19.

As for the foreigners, please see from this.
 [About the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Alert (English (English), chubunkantai (Chinese simplified Chinese character), chubunhantai (Chinese Chinese Traditional), 한글 (Hangul Alphabet))]

Message from Mayor Akimoto

The latest message

Text message

Past message

Video message

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Please confirm various information from the following items.

Emergency measures were canceled, but push forward practice of "new lifestyle", architectural approach of "new Hokkaido-style" toward extended prevention of infectious disease sequentially.

We inform citizen's all of you of information to spend support system (benefits), closing information of Municipal Facilities, time at home significantly.

We inform all of the companies of support systems.

We place information to all of the medical institutions.

We publish various consultation counters, indication of consultation, consultation.

We publish information about COVID-19, daily preventive method, the outbreak situation of Motoichi.

We publish about medical treatment in Accommodations for people having low aggravation risk among summary of polymerase chain reaction test center and people with slight illness.

For reinforcement of the medical system and support to healthcare worker, we raise contribution. In addition, medical care, childcare, care, support message to people working on the site of the obstacle welfare recruit.


Various consultation counters

General consultation counter

  Phone number Hours:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare telephone window which modifies new coronavirus


From 9:00 to 21:00 to have days

Sapporo new model coronavirus public telephone consultation counter


From 9:00 to 21:00 to have days

Call center (Japanese Government tourist bureau) for foreign tourists

※Correspondence language: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese


24 hours (7 days a week)

Which consultation over telephone has difficult including person with impaired hearing

  Fax numbers
New coronavirus Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare consultation counter fax number


Sapporo Public Health Office Health Promotion Section fax number


Sapporo Public Health Office Health Promotion Section e-mail address


※Depending on contents of consultation, please note that you may need time for answer.
※Please confirm federation of general incorporated foundation all-Japan deafness and dumbness homepage.

Reference (returnee, contact consultation center) at the time of poor physical condition

[please confirm]

The following reference (returnee, contact consultation center) is consultation counter for people with symptom.
Please talk about with consultation with the general consultation counter mentioned above in people without symptom.

Phone number Hours:
Emergency Medical Consultation Center Sapporo (returnee, contact consultation center)

"#7119" or


24 hours (7 days a week)

※Emergency Medical Consultation Center Sapporo is not window which we limited to new coronavirus. (in the case of sudden disease and injury, we provide consultation about the need of consultation to medical institution on the telephone.)
※We can talk even about English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Russian.

Other inquiries, please identify page about consultation counter.