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Update day: May 19, 2020

Flood, flood control

 Flood is dangerous existence to threaten security and property of inhabitants.
 We introduce approach of flood control in Sapporo and history of flood here.

Flood control

 Regional plan for disaster prevention book of Sapporo defends disaster and reduces damage by this, and greater omentum made with the system for the purpose of maintaining public security is shown. In other words, we set river in the city and caution area including drainage and fix the activity systems such as monitoring, caution, contact and are set so that emergency such as maintenance of machine appliance, facility which is necessary for flood control and transportation of the deployment system and flood control material in emergency can take a step.
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  1. Storm and flood damage
  2. Sapporo flood control plan 

Water level information

 We get river water level information in Sapporo.


 Sapporo was annoyed by floods more than the Meiji era. We introduce history of flood of Sapporo here.


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