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Update day: February 29, 2020

Recruitment of use of farmland optimization promotion committee members (finished)

Because term of use of farmland optimization promotion committee member (called "promotion committee member" as follows.) expires on June 23, 2020, based on regulations of law about agriculture committees, it recruits promotion committee members.

Contents of offer

The offer number of people

17 people

Catchment area to raise

Offer catchment area

The area name The details of area The offer number of people
The first district Kita-ku Five people
The second district Higashi-ku Three people
The third district Shiroishi-ku, Atsubetsu-ku, Toyohira-ku and Kiyota-ku Three people
The fourth district Minami-ku Four people
The fifth district Chuo-ku, Nishi-ku and Teine-ku Two people


From day (after June 24, 2020) when agriculture committee entrusts to June 23, 2023

Social position

Administrative Staff of special positions in the civil service of Sapporo


Monthly basis 42,000 yen

Main business content

  • The use situation investigation to affect farmland in catchment area
  • Adjustment with scholar of field work to affect optimization (become accumulation, the collection of use of farmland to leading figure, and prevention of outbreak of not being used farmland dissolves newly promotion of entry) of the use such as farmland and agriculture
  • Activity report in general meeting of agriculture committee and ikensarujutsu

Application method

You refer to offer guidance as follows and fill in the requirements on application, and please submit by bringing or mail within offer period.


We distribute in the following department in charge, each Ward Office, each Branch Office and can download from the following.

Offer period

From Tuesday, January 14, 2020 to Monday, February 10 (must arrive)

Selection method

We carry out documents examination and interview examination and, in the use of farmland optimization promotion committee member candidate selection committee, select. We notify of selection result in document in around the end of June.

In addition, we notify of the details such as schedules of interview examination in document after offer period.

Offer guidance

Recruitment of promotion committee members guidance (PDF: 81KB)

Public announcement (offer end of time) of information about applicants

Based on laws and ordinances, we announce about information about applicants concerned with recruitment of use of farmland optimization promotion committee members as follows.

The number of cover recommender and applicants

  • Four cover recommenders

(the first district: nobody, the second district: four, the third district: nobody, the fourth district: nobody, the fifth district: nobody)

  • 36 applicants

(the first district: 12, the second district: seven, the third district: nine, the fourth district: 18, the fifth district: 11)

※Person hoping for plural walks includes in each area.

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