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Update day: September 29, 2020

Agriculture committee general meeting

At meeting that chairperson calls, we hold approximately once a month and discuss proposal or request for right movement of farmland, matters about laws and ordinances such as Agricultural Land Law such as conversion of farmland, country and Mayor about matters about agriculture promotion.

General meeting holding schedule

Next general meeting holding schedule

The number of times




The deliberation is necessary at general meeting

Agricultural Land Law Article 3.4.5

Deadline for submissions day such as each application

The thirteenth

The fifth

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

14:00 ...

City of Sapporo main government building

The third Standing Committee meeting room on the 18th floor

(2, Kita-1-jonishi, Chuo-ku)

Tuesday, September 15

As you may not perform field work including the snow period, please refer to Agricultural Commission Secretariat.

In addition, please note that you may postpone by correspondence of COVID-19.

Hearing of general meeting

As a general rule, agriculture committee meeting is released and we perform predetermined procedure and can observe. For more details, please contact Agricultural Commission Secretariat.

As a result of general meeting

We can read the general meeting minutes in Agricultural Commission Secretariat.

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