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Update day: February 25, 2016

Farmer's pension

1.Person engaging in agriculture can join widely

[participation condition]

  1. Under age 60 years old
  2. National pension first member
  3. Person who engages in agriculture more than 60 days a year

2.It is system that defined-benefit, became stable for long term

We save financial funds necessary for future pension receipt by oneself beforehand.
As that is managed, and the amount of receipt is fixed, it is pension that is strong for low birthrate and aging not to be influenced by the number of the members and the number of the recipients.

3.We can decide premium freely

For aim of the amount of pension that oneself needs, we can decide premium by oneself.
Monthly basis 20,000 yen is basic, but can review depending on the farming situation anytime as we can decide by 1,000 yen unit to a maximum of 67,000 yen freely.

4.There is big merit on the taxation system side only by public pension

Premium is economized to become a target of social insurance deduction of the total amount income tax.
In the case of private individual annuity, the upper limit of deduction is 50,000 yen.

It is live pension with guarantee until 5.80 years old

Pension is paid throughout the life.
The bereaved are provided with farmer's old-age pension that we should have been able to receive by 80 years old as lump sum to the family of the deceased from the next month when he died when recipient disappears before 80 years old.

6.There is the furtherance of country

Person meeting constant condition has state subsidy system of premium.

  1. Payment period of premium being anticipated by 60 years old more than 20 years
  2. Agriculture income after having subtracted necessary expenses being 9 million yen or less
  3. Premium only as for 20,000 yen
Example of the amount of furtherance of premium


Necessary requirements

The amount of state subsidy

Under 35 years old

35 years or older


Filer blue in scholars of authorized agriculture

Furtherance 10,000 yen
Self-pay 10,000 yen

Furtherance 6,000 yen
Self-pay 14,000 yen


We conclude mom and pop operation agreement with people in division 1 and participate in management

Spouse or successor


In authorized scholar of agriculture or blue filer satisfying either,

Person who promised to satisfy both within three years

Furtherance 6,000 yen
Self-pay 14,000 yen

Furtherance 4,000 yen
Self-pay 16,000 yen

Inquiry, application to Agricultural Commission Secretariat or JA (agricultural cooperative) of neighborhood

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