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Update day: February 22, 2016

Summary about establishment of allotment

Do not own farmland; person of establishment

We are established by specific farmland loan method, allotment maintenance promotion law

●Person of target establishment

  • Individual who does not own farmland or corporation

●Period of lease contract

  • It is until the end of November after having passed in four years from April 1 during period of lease contract to conclude with farmland owner between Sapporo, Sapporo and each of person of establishment. (5 seasons)
  • Update of lease contract accompanied with the expiration is possible during period. (when Sapporo admitted that it is suitable, it is limited)

●Restitutio in integrum

  • It is necessary for person of establishment to restore farm and facility, facilities in former condition on the expiration of contract or cancellation.

※For details, we set with "the Sapporo allotment acting director point (PDF: 40KB) by specific farmland advance".

Owning is person of establishment by farmland

We are established by use of farm method, allotment maintenance promotion law

●Person of target establishment

Individual owning farmland or agricultural production corporation

●Establishment period

  • Farm assumes establishment period of at least five years. (possible continuously)

We are common (both methods, common summaries)

●Job of person of establishment

  • We wake up in spring (we level the land of farm before opening of the park every year)
  • Maintenance (including the soil improvement required for maintenance of farm site) to break the storage of farming implements, Toilet, rest station, Parking, waterworks, guidance signboard, division, and to display division number
  • Offer, contract of user
  • Maintenances such as patrol, check of farm after opening of the park, cultivation instruction, cleaning
  • Autumn plowing after the rice harvest (we level the land of farm after the close every year)
  • Update contract, additional recruitment of users

●Condition of establishment place, design

  • There is place to open in controlled urbanization zone.
  • Contacting with road which does not have problem in traffic of car.
  • Parking secure parking space for about 30% of farm division number.
  • Drainage, the sunshine, the soil are good, and be suitable for cultivation of farm products.
  • There is almost farm area more than 50a.
  • Charge, division area plan balance, harmony with other allotments.

※When Sapporo accepted this, other than the above-mentioned condition, we limit that location requirements, user including natural condition do not affect anticipated environmental or neighboring areas.

●Farmland conversion

  • As we convert site of incidental facilities such as Parking, the storage of farming implements as allotment site, conversion permission procedure for Agricultural Land Law is unnecessary.

●Offer, contract of user

  • Sapporo publicizes recruitment of users to citizen widely.
  • Sapporo will help with reception desk, update desk work.


  • Perform design, management administration not to be based on maintenance plan that received authorization.
  • Move into action for the purpose of profit such as sale of food and drink, sale such as seedling, manure, the fee for use of facilities, membership fee of class.
  • Make sublet to third party.
  • Letting you appoint specific person, group or specific cultivation method, kind and use farm.


  • The farmland conversion ground becomes classification of land and category change, and the fixed assets amount of a tax changes.
  • Charge of allotment is real estate income.
  • As for materials, making, the surveying of drawing, Sapporo, Sapporo agricultural cooperative (JA) do hand biography.

※For details, it establishes in "notice matter (PDF: 32KB) about maintenance administration of allotment".

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