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Update day: April 15, 2020

Summary about the use of allotment

Period of use of allotment

●Period of use is set by the use contract, and it is generally until the early May and the end of October, but opening of the park may be late by climatic condition. (one year update)

●The use time is from the sunrise to sunset.

The use of division

●haruki shio is state that performs, and prepared the land for the construction of a house, and person of establishment lends farm.

●We generally provide division with division break as 50-100 square meters.

●In the case of 50 square meters of divisions, charge is generally around 10,000-12,000 yen a year.

●Farm can use division that we used in the previous year with precedence after the next fiscal year. (Sato-Land Farm Park is excluded)

●The cultivation crops are limited to thing which they can harvest within period of use.

The use of facility

●Farms include the storage of farming implements, Toilet, rest station, waterworks, Parking.

●Please prepare material, seed and sapling for farming implements, permanent planting to use at farm by each person, but the storage of farming implements in garden can keep.
(there are not farming implements for rent in principle, but there is farm loaning with a part of Sato-Land Farm Park and the authorized allotment)

●We install Parking for exclusive use of user for person who can come by privately-owned car.

●In the end of the use, please clear off baggage which you put to division that you used and common use part.

●As person of establishment goes around regularly during period of use, we will cope with thing other consultation, complaint, questions about cultivation.


●Cultivate the crops for the purpose of profit.

●Make sublet to third party.

●Cultivate the sex crops for many years.

●You occupy Kyodo Shisetsu, and use. nadodesu.

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