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Update day: April 3, 2019

To use allotment

About position, charge of allotment, the area of the division, recruitment of users

  • Please see list of allotments.
  • As offer, contract method varies according to farms, please refer to "reference" (application) of each allotment for application of offer time, the use directly.
  • As update contract of where owning used farmland about recruitment of people of establishment division in last year is performed with precedence, it becomes vacant at stage when that was finished and confirms division, and addition offer is performed. As you confirm the space situation regularly and publish even Sapporo in list of allotments, please refer to.
  • As for the information of allotment opening newly, please see guidance of opening newly of allotment.
  • About usage, please confirm summary about the use of allotment
  • Allotment is available in group.

We apply for allotment you like and we pay charge of division and contract.

  • Contract, please bring seal, charge.

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