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Update day: April 30, 2020


Scholar of woman agriculture workshop

In Sapporo, we hold workshop targeting at various places of woman engaging in agriculture in Sapporo as "activity support of person of woman agriculture" that is one of the measures of development "second Sapporo urban agriculture vision" in 2016. It is information exchange and interchanging opportunity, and, at opportunity to come to, farmhouse of woman engaging in agriculture for wife, and to learn, shinkishuno beginning agriculture now about agriculture such as done woman some other time, please participate by all means now.

Participation in scholar of woman agriculture workshop offer

We are not going now.

Recipe card

We release recipes that we made by scholar of past woman agriculture workshop.




Scholar of past woman agriculture workshop


  • The first "inspection workshop for woman engaging in agriculture"
  • The second "dishes workshop for woman engaging in agriculture"
  • The third "agriculture basics workshop for agriculture for engaging woman" (cancellation)


  • The first "scholar of woman agriculture achievement advanced example inspection"
  • The second "recipe card making using farm products from Sapporo"
  • The third "basic knowledge 2 (about weed and the prevention) of the making of vegetables"


  • The first "recipe card making using farm products from Sapporo"
  • The second "basic knowledge (about the making of soil and manure) for making vegetables"

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