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Update day: August 3, 2020

Agricultural Research & Support Center

Agricultural Research & Support Center office

Sapporo Agricultural Research & Support Center was established in "Sapporo Sato-Land Farm Park" in April, 1995 to promote urban agriculture that we made use of local characteristic of Sapporo in.
In our center, we develop approach that is integral from production promotion on the basis of local production for local consumption to distribution, consumption expansion measures as aim by supply of relief, safe farm products.
In addition, we perform various approaches to have citizen's everybody deepen understanding for meal and agriculture.

Auction information


Promotion of local production for local consumption

Citizen's agriculture lecture "Sapporo agricultural school"

Recruitment of student attending a lectures of specialization course is finished in 2020

Sapporo agriculture base maintenance business

House for agriculture is tough; urgent measures business

(we raise for 2020 and are finished)

Domestic agricultural and livestock products supply power is tough; measures business

(we raised and were finished)

The birds and beasts damage control

Stock raising

Promotion of agriculture in accord with environment

Examination investigation business

The soil analysis, soil diagnosis duties


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〒007-0880 569-10, Okadamacho, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi