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Update day: June 29, 2020

Profile of the AKIMOTO Katsuhiro (AKIMOTO Katsuhiro) mayor

Image of Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto


The date of birth February 2, 1956 (Showa 31) (Year of the Monkey, Aquarius)
Hometown Yubari-shi, Hokkaido
Educational background Yubari north High School, Hokkaido University law department graduation
Hobby Movie viewing in movie theater
Special ability Dishes (as for the pride dishes omelette, hamburger steak, beef stew)
Blood type O-type
Motto (favorite words) Hard (isshokemmei)
Family constitution Wife and one child (daughter), father of wife
Favorite singer Hibari Misora, Miyuki Nakajima, Kenji Sawada
Favorite place of Sapporo Place where air is cool and is easy to live

Career (brief career history)


City of Sapporo entering the agency


The Planning and Coordination Bureau computerization promotion Director


Civic town development station's manager of Planning


Mayor of Minami-ku


Mayor policy Director


Vice Mayor


The City of Sapporo retirement


We are elected in Mayor of Sapporo election (from term May 2)

Heisei 31 (Raiwa 1)

Reelection (the present second)