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Update day: February 22, 2020

To citizen's all of you message (February 22, 2020) from Akimoto Sapporo Mayor
About Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

New coronavirus infected person is confirmed in Sapporo-shi and is hospitalized now in infectious disease ward which there is not of fear to pollute outside entirely of Sapporo City General Hospital which is infectious disease-designated medical institution.

We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to hospitalized person.

Because there is not, and it is developed this time travel career to foreign countries and clear contact career with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patient, we will investigate the details sequentially.
In addition, please confirm from this page (the city outbreak situation of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)) as you will place information in Sapporo-shi official homepage about result of this investigation or the outbreak situation in the future city at any time.

We decided to do events to attract unspecified number of the general public that Sapporo-shi hosted with principle cancellation or postponement for the time being for around three weeks to prevent infection spread in response to this situation.
All of you that participation was planned at event would appreciate your understanding.

As we establish new coronavirus telephone consultation counter, please consult with 011-632-4567 (from 9:00 to 21:00 to have days) about consultation about new coronavirus.

Once again, at first, in citizen's all of you, hand-washing and gargle, cooperation to daily infection precaution such as a cough etiquette (we control nose and mouth in the inside of sleeve and jacket at the age of a cough and emergency to control nose and taste with tissues when we sneeze), please excessively without becoming uneasy.

Old person and person having underlying disease have you avoid many places of crowd and would appreciate your being careful for the further infection prevention.

It is one of the measures methods that are important to health care from usual times.
We have you take sleep enough and keep good meal of balance in mind and will usually raise immunity.


Sapporo Mayor AKIMOTO Katsuhiro