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Update day: August 6, 2020

To citizen's all of you message (August 6, 2020) from Akimoto Mayor of Sapporo
About COVID-19

August begins and will be time when a person's movement a lot increases that Bon vacation and summer vacation are reached from now on.
We may say expansion of the next nationwide COVID-19 and besides ask citizens taking the infection situation in the city into consideration some other time last month about point that, please be careful when we act.

For the recent infection situation, infected person in the 30s occupies about 70% from 10s in July whereas ratio of number of the infected people in their 30s in twenties did not reach 10% in June, and infection to young man generation increases, and, even in Sapporo, the situation resembling tendency in others city including Tokyo appears.
There are drinking party and karaoke at bar between friends, participation, drive to live when we see action career of these people infected with, and the situation, which "we do not wear a mask" "speaks loudly" is confirmed. In addition, in the situation that it does not get distance enough, it is confirmed that risk of Droplet Infection is very high.
From this young generation, infection toward the circumference such as family and work friend of living together occurs, too. In addition, it is place where infection to various places that are easy to be aggravated is felt uneasy about when work infects medical institution, welfare facilities, and infection in the workplace spreads.

Therefore, at first, we discover early and want to lay emphasis on controlling early as Sapporo will not widen this infection in future.

To all of you citizen's here please.

At leisure and place to go out to, infection risk, "spray flies in "opportunities to take off mask like eating and drinking and karaoke increase" at distance that it is near if conversation swells and comes to have a loud voice" increases, and, also, friend and relatives gather on tray in summer vacation, and relatively many various places and scenes to eat and drink touching increase.
When when we go out, we meet people,

  • Wearing of mask
  • We do not speak loudly
  • We open distance, and meeting is split

Please make nadono infection measures. In addition,

  • Please refrain from acts that infection risk is sublimed into as much as possible.
  • Person whom physical condition has even slightly bad, please take a rest at home.
  • At first, please judge in fun which is going to go to area that infection expands carefully about the need and time.
  • When you go out, please utilize notice of contact confirmation application "COCOA" (cocoa) and Hokkaido corona system.

Nobody knows what kind of scene you are infected in. We have you keep it in mind and, in the situation that oneself may be infected with by any chance, want to have you take action that you do not move to another person.
It protects you and leads to protecting family and friend.

I would like further cooperation of citizen's all of you.


Akimoto Katsuhiro, Mayor of Sapporo



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