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Update day: April 8, 2019

Email to Mayor

Hello. It is AKIMOTO Katsuhiro of Mayor of Sapporo.Photograph of the face of Mayor Akimoto
This page is page to have opinion, suggestion from citizen's all of you to municipal administration approach.

  • I see email by all means, of municipal administration administration refer to.
  • We send to charge department from Citizen Consultation Section and examine the coping method in the charge region and act as opinion, suggestion for reflection to municipal administration.

For realization of citizen's autonomy to think about by oneself, we look forward to your voice what you would do to town planning of this Sapporo where we live in.

About coding of data

  • We support SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding communication.
  • Your computer (browser) and information and communication between our city websites are encrypted. We can transmit personal information such as address or phone number, E-Mail safely.