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Update day: September 29, 2020

Mayor press conference LIVE delivery

Live will deliver picture of Mayor press conference.

Next Mayor press conference plan

We perform from 14:00 on Tuesday, October 6 on the next time.

You can see design of past Mayor press conference with recording picture (YouTube) and text.

LIVE delivery picture (YouTube)

Attention (immunity from responsibility) matter

  • Corporate advertising which delivery screen shows has nothing to do with Sapporo entirely. In addition, Sapporo does not take responsibility about the damage for any reason by advertisement either.
  • When some kind of damage occurs by we cannot watch broadcast normally or watching, Sapporo does not take responsibility at all.
  • By PC environment on the situation and audience side of the Internet line, picture and sound break off or stop and may not watch normally.
  • As large amount of rate may be demanded from the seeing and hearing with smartphones by carrier, please be careful in particular.
  • This service may be finished without notice.
  • About the use of picture of Mayor press conference, it should be chisel for profit in the news purpose. Person of news media, please contact Public Relations Section (011-211-2036) beforehand.

 About real-time subtitles delivery

By cooperation of association of Sapporo person with a physical disability welfare, we perform real-time subtitles delivery in Mayor press conference by UD talk.
We install "UD talk" in smartphone terminals and by reading following [public QR code], can confirm remark in interview at your terminal.

[public QR code]

Mayor press conference QR code


  • By sound and communication environment, letter breaks off and may be late.
  • You misrecognize in real time and make modifications, but please note that you may not make modifications.


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