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Update day: September 29, 2020

Mayor press conference

Next press conference schedule

We perform from 14:00 on Tuesday, October 6 on the next time.

As on TV simultaneous broadcast of city hall main government building the first floor lobby goes other than LIVE delivery in YouTube, please see casually.

  • At the time of LIVE delivery in YouTube, we perform real-time subtitles delivery by speech recognition application (UD talk).
  • We publish about video (there is no sign language video) of press conference by interview around the evening of the day.
  • We receive video production by Sapporo hearing person with a disability association of trust ahead about sign language video belonging to by the evening on the interview next day after having arranged contents including thing which redundant language and clear restatement were and, about press conference record, will publish each 3-4 days after interview.

The latest press conference record

Interview record Main interview item

Mayor press conference record (September 25, 2020) regular in 2020 in the ninth

  • About correspondence to COVID-19
  • About conduct of 2020 national census
  • About holding of "online Sapporo Autumn Fest 2020"

 Past press conference record

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