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Update day: December 25, 2019

We devised "Sapporo town development strategy vision action plan 2019".

We devised "Sapporo town development strategy vision action plan 2019" that was Middle execution plan which settled business of policy to perform for the next four years until 2022 and fiscal prospect.

This plan gathered approach for realization of "Sapporo town development strategy vision" which Sapporo devised in October, 2013 and placed five of "town development to lay emphasis particularly in future, and to overflow for "town development of "town development local, to be able to live for in peace that lived so long" "town development to support all citizen's achievement" "town development to bring up child in good health" pulse that brought up personnel, and continued growing up" charm and vitality that fixed their eyes on the future" as work item as emphasis project.

In addition, we made Middle finance frame which fixed its eyes on financial prospect for the next 15 years to succeed the town of rich Sapporo by this plan in the next generation without remaining as financial administration that stood in long-term viewpoint oriented to balance for four years during plan period and performed construction and the choice of business based on viewpoint of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which was sustainable development aim that the United Nations set.

In addition, we realize approach for realization of pledge 120 items that I promised for citizen's all of you and publish.

Sapporo invites the severe times including increase of financial burden with conjugation and that of population structure, but will promote plan this as the important start that forms the future of sustainable Sapporo even if we look good meanwhile steadily in future.