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Update day: June 13, 2019

Administrative policy "thought to my municipal administration"

Hello, everyone. It is AKIMOTO Katsuhiro of Mayor of Sapporo.
We talked about administrative policy today in regular municipal assembly plenary session in the second in 2019 of June 13.
We introduce the summary.

Administrative policy "thought (summary) to my municipal administration"

Our town, Sapporo reaches big knot of the 100th anniversary from the municipal organization enforcement in 2022 three years later. Population that was more than 120,000 greatly made rapid progress after holding of the first Winter Olympics Sapporo meeting at the time of the municipal organization enforcement in Asia and accomplished development now to big city that led 1.96 million.

Sapporo faces population decline, serious problem such as low birthrate and aging while it looks like it.

It is anticipated that population of Sapporo shifts to decrease situation during these past several years, and further rise in aging rate is anticipated, too. Particularly, transference excess to in fun around metropolitan area that adds to declining birthrate not to take brake, and took advantage of employment about the young group in its twenties may continue and is the situation that has already declined about productive population under 65 15 years old or older.

In addition, the times of Heisei were the times when they were hit a lot by natural disasters such as big earthquake or heavy rain including Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake of last year.

In addition, public facilities such as urban infrastructure or schools such as roads where we concentrate on, and maintenance has been pushed forward mainly on the shift period to ordinance-designated city of 1972 will invite update time all at once in future, and it is expected that financial burdens increase.

Generation when it is young finds a job in hometown until now because enhancement strengthens support for creating the high stable employment of quality that we pushed forward chiefly and child care generation, and, in such hard times, it gets married, and it lays child in peace, and it is important above all to make town which we can bring up.

In addition, cheerful forever, elderly person that increase is further anticipated plays an active part in this Sapporo, and it is demanded what we make receiving care or the welfare service as needed and such a town which local can continue living for in peace which lived so long and give in future.

Moreover, to simultaneous update such as urban infrastructures, it is necessary to build sustainable town which is continued living for in peace forever which is tough, and advance, and resists disasters of city.

Future Sapporo which I draw

  • "Town which anyone lives in peace, and continues shining as active play throughout the life"
  • "Town which continues creating charm and vitality as world city"

For past 100 years, our town, Sapporo continued growing up by effort of ancient people while getting over change and difficulty of various times and developed in city to boast of to the world. For the town of Sapporo being town which continues creating charm and vitality for next 100 years, we realize figure of two future Sapporo.

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