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Update day: May 2, 2019

To citizen's all of you (greetings of reelection)

Photograph of the face of Mayor AkimotoHello, everyone. It is AKIMOTO Katsuhiro of Mayor of Sapporo.

In this Mayor of Sapporo election, you give support from many citizen's all of you and oracle and will carry the part of steering of Sapporo sequentially. We take that we had expectation to evaluation for the past results for 4 years and municipal administration administration in the future and feel that the body is tightened to weight of the responsibility.

For past four years, we worked about expansion of activation and the employment of regional economy, promotion of woman achievement and child care support chiefly. While continuation develops well, during future four years, these approaches will push forward town development that anyone can live for by enhancement of the welfare that fixed its eyes on anti-disaster measures and super-aged society that stood on lesson and problem in Hokkaido Iburi in eastern earthquake in last year in peace.

We reach big knot of the 100th anniversary after Sapporo enforced municipal organization in 2022 three years later. In addition, we will face at turning point of the big times called population decline. We will work on town which is sustainable at every plane with every effort while raising signpost (guidepost) to next 100 years to develop, and to connect town of this Sapporo with the next generation.

Thanks in advance for your help to push forward reliable step to the future with while many citizen's all of you raise charm of such Sapporo where "liking the town of this Sapporo" prays, "we want to continue living all the time" in sustainable form as we will commit all kinds of power.