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Update day: November 9, 2016

About protection of personal information

With personal information

We say information to define to "Sapporo ordinance of privacy protection Article 2 Paragraph 1" with personal information and say information that can distinguish full name, address, authorized individual including e-mail address specifically.

We may not collect personal information at the time of reading

We can usually read our homepage as anonymity freely without having you provide any information about you when we read Sapporo official homepage. In addition, we may do statistical analysis to improve satisfaction of user on our homepage, but therefore may not collect personal information.

We state purpose clearly and should be collection from the person

In Sapporo official homepage, we may ask for entry such as full name, contact information, e-mail address in case of opinion offer, but should be that we collect from the person after having stated the use purpose clearly on collecting these personal information.

About limit of the use, offer out of the purpose

We use personal information other than other than case which was called for by law when we get consent of the person who had you provide or, the use purpose that we showed clearly and may not provide.

We manage appropriately

It is physical and, for prevention of access and personal data leak without authority, takes electronically appropriate means.
About personal information that did not have to hold, we discard surely and immediately or, based on Sapporo ordinance of privacy protection, will remove according to the use purpose.


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